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  Dana Vlachová /*in Prague/,

a sought-after professor at the Prague Conservatoire, currently a head of the string department. She presents numerous concerts, either as recitals or with leading orchestras.
The centre-point of her activities, however, is her piano trio work of many years' standing, the roots of this activity going back to her studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague with professor Marie Hlouňová. As a member of the ARS Trio she attended the chamber-music class of professors Josef Vlach and Josef Páleníček then. She was influenced by the personality of her father, first violinist of the famous Vlach Quartet, since early childhood. She is member of the Czech Trio since 1992. She can captivate the listener with her overwhelming musicality and many-sided form of expression.
She plays an antique instrument made in 1797 by the Czech master Kašpar Strnad. She makes recordings for radio, television and for Czech as well as foreign gramophone companies. She has played in most countries of Europe, and also in the USA, Japan, South Korea etc.
She leads master courses both in Czech Republic and abroad, is a member of competitive juries.