The history of the Czech Trio, that long-standing classical link of violin, violoncello and piano versary, goes back to the 1890's, when such institutions like the Czech Association for Chamber Music and the Czech Quartet first appeared on the Czech musical scene. Pianist Vilém Kurz, who stood at the cradle of the Czech Trio, was changed by the outstanding artistic personality of Karel Hoffmeister and continued with the three star ensemble of Jan Heřman, Stanislav Novák and Ladislav Zelenka.


    Authentic photograph of the Czech Trio with
a dedication, 1900
     Stanislav Novák, Ladislav Zelenka a Jan Heřman
                                                                                in 1930's

After the Second World War and for long years to follow, the ensemble featured the names that represent the Czech Trio's most famous period in the eyes of the experts and the wide public - Josef Páleníček, Alexander Plocek, Miloš Sádlo - later it was Ivan Štraus, Alexander Večtomov, Jiří Tomášek. This period was already widely documented on sound and film recordings, many of which won prestigious international prizes.


Alexander Plocek, Josef Páleníček, Saša Večtomov
/photography from the cover of complete recording of
   Beethoven's Trios for Chant du Monde Company,
    aworded by Grand Prix in Paris in 1964/



Ivan Štraus, Josef Páleníček, Saša Večtomov /1970/






         Jiří Tomášek, Josef Páleníček,
                  Saša Večtomov /1983/





With the departure of Josef Páleníček, the Czech Trio era, connected for several decades with his name, came to an end. In 1992 the imaginary relay was taken over by what was then already the renowned Ars Trio, which continued with its wide concert and recording activities under the new name.


                                      Dana Vlachová, Jan Páleníček, Norbert Heller
                          on the title page of CD Smetana, Shostakovich /1993/


                         Jan Páleníček, Dana Vlachová,
                  Milan Langer /1994/


               Dana Vlachová, Jan Páleníček, Milan Langer
                                /CD from 1995-98/





From 1999 acts Czech Trio in the constitution:

Dana Vlachová - violin

Miroslav Petráš - cello

Milan Langer - piano



/in order: piano, violin, cello/

1897 - 1898
Vilém Kurz *23.12.1872 Havlíčkův Brod,†25.05.1945 Praha
Bohuslav Lhotský *14.01.1879 Libochovice,†09.05.1930 Praha
Bedřich Váška *05.03.1879 Mladá Vožice, † ? (USA)

1899 - 1903
Karel Hoffmeister *26.09.1868 Liblice,†23.09.1952 Hluboáa
Štěpán Suchý *20.08.1872 Arad (HU), †03.03.1920 Praha
Bedřich Váška, Jan Burian *10.04.1877 Praha,†24.05.1942 Praha - od 1900, Artur Krása *18.07.1868 Praha, †23.11.1929 Praha - od 1903

1905 - 1908
František Veselský *21.09.1884 Hlinsko,†18.10.1925 Praha
Alexandr Synek ?
Karel Kopec
ky *15.01.1885 Praha

1920 - 1926
Otakar Pařík *28.02.1901 Místek, †19.02.1955 Ostrava
Bohuslav Šich *01.09.1892 Praha, †1980
Oldřich Jiroušek ?, Václav Kefurt *06.05.1888 Praha, †09.12.1944 Praha

1923 - 1925
Vladimír Polívka *06.07.1896 Praha, †11.05.1948 Praha
Jan Gregor 1898 Přerubenice (Rakovn
ik), † ?
Oldřich Jiroušek ?

1936 - 1945
Jan Heřman *31.08.1886 Neveklov (Benešov),†30.09.1946 Praha
Stanislav Novák *13.11.1890 Rychnov nad Kn
ežnou, †20.07.1945 Praha
Ladislav Zelenka *11.03.1881 Modřany (Praha), †02.07.1957 Praha

1945 - 1953
Josef Páleníček *19.07.1914 Travnik (YU), †07.03.1991 Praha
Alexandr Plocek *26.02.1914 Praha, †30.11.1982 Praha
Miloš Sádlo *13.04.1912 Praha, †14.10.2003 Praha

1956 - 1960
Josef Páleníček
Alexandr Plocek
Saša Ve
ctomov *12.12.1930 Praha,†29.12.1989

1960 - 1973
Josef Páleníček
Ivan Štraus *13.11.1937 Teplice
Saša Večtomov

1973 - 1991
Josef Páleníček
iří Tomášek *17.9.1942 Plzeň
Saša Večtomov /do 1989/, Marek Jerie *15.12.1947 /1977-79/, Miloš Sádlo /1990?/

1992 - 1994
Norbert Heller *30.5.1957
Dana Vlachová
Jan Páleníček *11.2.1957 Praha

1994 - 1998
Milan Langer *10.7.1955 Praha
Dana Vlachová
Jan Páleníček

1999 -
Milan Langer
Dana Vlachov
Miroslav Petráš *17.7.1948 Kyjov